The Chipmunks-Yesterday and You01:19

The Chipmunks-Yesterday and You

"Yesterday and You" (also "Armen's Theme") is a song originally performed by David Seville, released in 1956, as an orchestral piece and a version with vocals was released in 1963 for Bobby Vee. The song is later covered by Simon Seville (as Mr. Heartthrob), featuring Alvin Seville, in The Chipmunks episode Dr. Simon and Mr. Heartthrob.


David Seville-Armen's Theme02:05

David Seville-Armen's Theme

"Armen's Theme" orchestral

I sit alone in this cafe
And listen to the song they play
Reminding me of yesterday and you

Each moment was a valentine
Candle light and sparkling wine
I whispered words that brought me close to you

I see your face, it's everywhere

Close my eyes, but you're still there
Feel your touch in everything I do, yeah!

I wonder what your heart is saying

And if you hear the song they're playing
The song that brings me
Yesterday and you

The song that brings me
Yesterday and you
But, but, but, but

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