Wish Upon A Star is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks and The Chipettes lay on a blanket waiting for a meteor shower when Alvin and Brittany begin arguing over their wishes. Theodore pleads to them to keep their wishes secret as the first round streaks through the sky. Everyone excitedly points them out, but Theodore is either too slow or looking in the wrong direction. Really wanting to see a shooting star, Theodore stays up all night waiting. Unfortunately, the sun rises and Theodore didn't see a single star. Given he had the perfect wish, his brothers discuss the situation with the girls and Simon devises a device to shoot rockets appearing to be stars. The boys wait for the "stars" though The Chipettes argue over Simon's directions before Eleanor finally shoots the third one successfully allowing Theodore to make his wish. Not knowing his wish, they try to convince him to tell them. When he refuses, the chipmunks fulfill every wish Theodore speaks in hopes it's the right one, only to be met with exhaustion and no luck. Alvin, having enough, tries a more direct approach of getting Theodore to tell him the wish. Theodore mentions magic so Alvin gives him a lantern and genie, voiced by Simon, that grants one wish. They learn he wants to ride a star, and initially disappointed, Jeanette points out a ride at the fair, which happens to be what Theodore wished for. Happy his wish came true, he proclaims his desire to sleep outside and catch every shooting star.





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