When the Chips Are Down is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


The boys have to paint the garage after they got spray paint on the walls while repainting their bicycles. Alvin learns that the mansion of Fingers Fitzgerald, a famous bank robber, is going to be demolished and convinces his brothers he will finish the painting if they go with him to look for hidden loot. Once inside Alvin discovers a safe in the attic, but the wind blows closed the metal door they came in as well as the attic door. They are all trapped in the mansion. While Alvin is locked in the attic, Simon and Theodore debate the actions of Alvin. Simon is furious with Alvin's stunts, but Theodore says there have been times when Alvin's ideas saved the day, such as when nobody wanted to go to Simon's birthday party because another birthday party had a magician, Alvin convinced them that Superman was at Simon's party. Somewhat confident they can work things out, Simon and Theodore bust Alvin out and the three of them look for a way outside. Once outside they discover that inside the safe was a baby photo of Fitzgerald and Simon and Theodore storm away angry at Alvin.




  • Dave's appearance in this episode was as superman in a flashback to one of Simon's birthday parties.

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