November is the month commonly know for Thanksgiving and giving thanks. I've always been appreciative of the help various users have given me on the wiki, and even personally. This blog is for you guys; I may not remember everyone but if you've helped the wiki then thank you!

  • SJ4evr - She's no longer active on the wiki but she's one of the reasons I first joined the wiki over five years ago. She was knowledgeable and open to discussion about the various generations, even if she liked one over another. Her civil posts and friendliness shined over many in the fandom at that time and encouraged me to actually stay on the wiki so I thank her for that.
  • Rugratskid - This guy was important in helping expand the wiki to all the generations by helping provide material for nearly the entire The Alvin Show series. Access to his segments and the work he put in allowed the wiki to cover content that had been lost to the majority of the fandom. I couldn't have achieved my goal of including the 60s generation on the wiki without him so I thank you (if you're still around).
  • ChirpyChipmunks - A shy and uncertain girl she was, Skip I found to be a very unique editor with lots of potential for she displayed a persistence to try again that stuck with me. In her time on the wiki, her main focus was and is ALVINNN!!! She keeps up with adding the new episodes and songs and continues to take on more in her role as the wiki's newest Admin. She's one of the most important users to me as she helped encourage me to stay on the wiki during the days I felt like giving up and would become my best friend. I thank you Skip for all the support you've given me, even when you didn't know it.
  • David Alvinson - The guy everyone in the fandom knows for providing the majority of the music to the fans. I hoped for a while you'd join the wiki Jack and I'm glad you did. You've provided a lot of help in regards to the wiki's song pages, adding new ones, videos, lyric corrections, and song projects. I thank you for all the help you've given me and the wiki.
  • BillusThecat - I don't see ya around as much as some but when you are, you have constructive edits. Though you aren't really know for a specific area, your edits help me and the wiki out. I also wanna thank you for taking on episode plots for some of the new episodes. After writing hundreds of plots, I've needed a break from them.
  • Corroid - Haha, I kinda refer to ya as the character man now. You've done a great job working to get the more minor character pages in shape and I greatly thank you for taking on that task. Characters have never been a great interest for me so they were unfortunately neglected for a while; luckily that's no longer the case.
  • Granditamias - The guy I've associated with trivia. You've came up with some interesting facts for episode pages and I'm glad to have someone with such an interest on the wiki. I'm also happy to hear your ideas that you send me through the forum and I'm thankful to have someone like you to give that kind of input.
  • ChipmunkNation - I know you're still new to the wiki, but I'm including you here 'cause you are one of those users in the fandom I'd always hoped would join the wiki. When I joined the wiki I never wanted to work alone though sadly many times I'd felt alone and questioned why I was even "wasting" my time on the wiki. I'm thankful you've joined and are enjoying the experience so far. You've done a great job on the new interview pages and I look forward to where your time on the wiki will take you.
  • Technical Support - This is a mish-mash group of editors outside of this wiki that have provided me technical and community support and advice on how to improve and maintain the wiki over the years. Taking care of an active wiki isn't easy and I thank users that have given back, helping other inspiring users with their knowledge and experience (which is something I try to do too when I can).

Any user that's made a constructive edit or suggestion to improve the wiki, I'd like to thank you guys too. Even something as simple as fixing a typo is important to the wiki and I appreciate that. The wiki isn't mine and I can't catch everything so I'm grateful to have this group of fans around me now. We still have a lot of work to do, but you guys know I'll always be thankful for your help to me, the wiki, and the fandom.