Unfair Science is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


The Chipmunks find themselves having a crush on their science teacher, Miss Mancini. They each make a project for the science fair to try to impress her. Theodore's project is about potatoes, Simon's one is a computerized teacher and Alvin's one is a glass harmonica. But in their next science lesson, Alvin and Theodore discover their projects don't meet the expectation of Miss Mancini. They both decide to change their projects and make better ones. Theodore builds a machine that simulates a tip-tap dancer's feet movement while Alvin builds an orchestra simulator. At the science fair, all three Chipmunks turn on their works at the same time by mistake, while fighting over a plug socket. The combination of their projects impresses the judges who decide to award all three of them as the winners. One of the judges was actually a Navy astronaut who congratulates the boys and is Miss Mancini's fiancee. However, the Chipmunks, still not over Miss Mancini, start drafting plans for making their own spaceship.





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