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Uncle Adventure is episode 70A in Season 6 (1988) of The Chipmunks.


Uncle Adventure with Dave & The Chipmunks
Uncle Adventure & the boys as pirates
When Dave's uncle Willy comes to visit, Dave's quick to see Adventure's appearance as frail and weak. He gets along well with the Chipmunks, sharing many of their interests, but Dave worries that because he is a senior citizen, he needs to rest. After Dave witnesses his uncle fall off a ladder, he forces him to stay in bed. When the boys catch Willy packing, they decide to treat Dave like a senior citizen to prove to him that gray hair doesn't change a person.




  • First of two appearances made by Uncle "Adventure" Willy.
  • This is the only episode that was written by Electric Company and Sesame Street writer, Tom Dunsmuir.


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