Tootsie-Bella is a minor-recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series. She is The Chipmunks' neighborhood dog.


Tootsie-Bella is predominately white with a large brown patch (and one small spot on her upper right hind leg) from head to white-tipped tail. She also has floppy ears and brown eyes. Her collar is pink with a silver loop, for her leash, on the back.


  • Mr. Wheeler is Tootsie-Bella's owner.
  • Alvin calls her "Bella-Tootsie, Tootsie-Bella, whatever" in Jeanette Enchanted.
  • She is most likely named after Ross and Janice's dog, Bella, who is a Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Tootsie-Bella resembles a Parson Russell Terrier, both appearance (Parson's are a mostly white breed, with the occasional brown markings) and height wise (in Doggone It when she is seen next to The Principal, and in Principal Interest when she is seen being walked by a unnamed female, she roughly comes up to around knee height - the average size for a female Parson is 31-35 cm).



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