• Hey guys my name is Cinnimon and I been a Alvin and the Chipmunk fan since I was 8 but something that I never knew for these many years is the age of the Chipmunks.

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    • In Romancing Miss Stone, Alvin says they are turning eight soon. Their age isn't revealed in the CGI films or the new series.

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    • You can make a good guess though, by assuming they started school at 5 like most children, by 8 they would have been in school 3 years, in the new series they're obviously in Junior high, judging by how the other students still act like elementry students(kinda), and the school is a high school, I would personally guess grade 7, or 8.   So I would guess 12, or 13?

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    • That makes sense though a lot of fans think they're in high school in the new show.

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    • Well, that part is fairly obvious by looking at their classmates, height and development wise, lockers lining the walls (at the very least my elementry school didn't have a locker anywhere)  Their varying subjects (Simon having the computer class or their childcare project(no I haven't managed to see that episode yet)(when was the last time you saw an elementry school having those kinds of classes))

      Litterally everything points to them being in highschool, but they can't be too far in, as they're on the first floor (as a general rule higher grades get the higher floors (at least from my experience)).

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    • Where I'm from, grade seven and eight are not high school. As the world is fictional, logic isn't so much gonna apply. Plus they are chipmunks so their age is more questionable from a logic standpoint. Could chipmunk years have some similarity to dog years where their age is different compared to humans (of course if we are talking strictly about real chipmunks then no but it's possible they don't line up with logic)?

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    • That's makes a lot of sense there years could be different I donot want to compare but similar to the Sonic characters being there anthropomorphic animals but people in the Sonic fandom think they age like humans.

      So it's leaving me confused if anthrompoic animals age like humans or like animals.

      For example Sonic is 15 but doesn't look or act like it.

      Or Tails 8 but can fly plans it's just too confusing.

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    • Cinnimon roll wrote: Or Tails 8 but can fly plans it's just too confusing.

      There's an additional point. We've seen in Alvinnn that Simon can fly the Munk-mobile and a helicopter.

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    • The confusing part is that there in high school because in the episode were Dave has to get his diploma he was in the same class as Alvin and it was stated in the episode it was High school.

      The thing is the students in Alvin's class look and sounld like the can be at less 15 or older.

      So I'm guessing that in the show Alvinnn and the Chipmunks CGI the chipmunks could be 15 or 16 years that sounds to old for them especially being that Alvin and the chipmunks act like there 8.

      I really hope Alvin and the chipmunks aren't 15 or 16 because they would be very delayed if they are that age in the 9th or 10th grade but still act like there 8 or 9.

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    • I really hope they weren't suppose to be 15-16 in the show ALVIIN and the CHIPMUNKS because especially Theodore sounds and has the mentally of a 5 year old being scared, sleeps with a stuff teddy bear, and watch kiddie shows like in the episode Talking teddy a show that no 15 year old would watch, or scared of the dark.

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    • "watch kiddie shows like in the episode Talking teddy a show that no 15 year old would watch"

      Can we all just appreciate the irony of this statement for a minute?

      More to the point, I think given that their age is never confirmed they have a "floating age" so to speak. They are however old they need to be for the plot to work in that particular episode. 

      Based on the overall series I would assume they are probably 8th-9th grade, which is still plenty young enough to be as immature as they can be but still old enough to be able to do all the things they do.

      As to how they age, I personally generally assume that, unless otherwise stated, all intelligent animals age at the same rate as humans.This is doubly true in ALVINNN as in one of the episodes they mention it has been about 7 years since the chipmunks first met Dave which would be pushing the lifespan of a real chipmunk really far.

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    • Most small rodents usually don't live past five years, but with cartoon logic the Chipmunks and Chipettes could have similar lifespans to humans, it's just always how cartoons have been; heck, for all we know they could be immortal (just kidding). In Attack of the Zombies when Dave said Alvin was too young to watch the zombie show, Alvin tries telling him that he would be too young in human years but not in chipmunk years. This would also make sense considering that Dave was being a "Smother mother" to them in Slippin' Thru My Fingers, treating them like they were younger and less mature than they actually are.

      As for them meeting Dave seven years prior to Family Spirit, if we were to take this as an implication that they met him in 2007 (referencing the first AATC live-action film), that means it would be 2014 at the time of that episode. This can further be supported by the fact that the series was still in production at that time and Eleanor has a poster with "2014" on it in Sister Act which was only a few episodes prior to Family Spirit. We know that they are at least seven in human years, but we don't know what age they were when they met Dave. Although the fact that Simon says they refused to leave his doorstep in Who's Your Daddy would mean they would had to have been at an age when they would know significant communication skills. In the 80s series they were already talking fluently when they were babies, so if that carried over to ALVINNN!!! it would support them being very young when they met Dave.

      Regarding what grade level they're in, all signs point to high school, for too many reasons to list here. The only reason Miss Smith is one of the only teachers they have is because the animators don't want to create new CGI models for all other classes the chipmunks would go to, so we must overlook that. Simon saying that they have been in school for two years in Kiss Conspiracy doesn't necessarily mean the school they are seen going to is the only kind of school they have ever been to, he could have just meant high school (meaning they wouldn't be freshmen if that's their second year) and they could have gone to middle school before. In Kickin' It Old School Theodore fixed Dave's compter with a few button presses and said he leared how to do so in nursery school (Personally I assume he means like a child day care), but he might have been sarcastic because Dave is a technophobe and it would be within Theodore's character (in the ALVINNN!!! series) to make a joke like that.

      Personally I like to believe that they are somewhere between eight and ten years old in human years but in chipmunk years are equivalent to a human teenager between fourteen and sixteen. 

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    • Omg just make them be the age you want them to be in your head!

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    • M'Kayla Bardwell-Agagnier wrote:
      Omg just make them be the age you want them to be in your head!

      Is there a problem? We're just here to explain our observations and possible answers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions in their heads about the age of the Chipmunks, and I'm not against that. There's no reason to be stressed about this discussion.

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