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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the television series: Baby Mama Drama, Ballet Boys, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and The Wall.

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    • my favourite episode out of this batch of episodes is deffinetly "the wall" && 'specially it's song, "so popular", too! i'd love-love-love for that one to be extended, so-so-so much! ~ :D :3

      my second favourite episode out of this batch of episodes is deffinetly "oh brother where art thou" && i loved it's song, too! ~ :D :3

      but i also loved-loved-loved "baby mama drama" && "ballet boys" && their songs, too ('specially "battle cry")! ~ :D :3

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    • My favorite of these episodes is probably The Wall because there were so many moments where Jeanette and Eleanor were sharing spotlight, and I liked how they were trying to help Alvin. Besides the numerous things in this episode that prove they're in high school, there were also some very funny moments, especially from Eleanor like her quote "I don't believe in cur-zez." And as for that survey scene, I can't explain how funny I thought it was; they should've made the episode just about that.

      Ballet Boys would come in a close second for this batch in my opinion. My favorite thing about it was Eleanor helping Alvin learn ballet, it was such a cute Alvinor moment.

      Baby Mama Drama had an interesting concept of the Chipmunks and Chipettes taking care of those robotic baby dolls that middle schools and high schools use to teach child development. I most enjoyed the part where Slammer/Cuddlebug (or Slambug as I like to call him) went on a rampage and attacking the stupid school humans, leading to another great Eleanor moment where she (almost) goes toe to toe with it.

      Oh Brother Where Art Thou had yet another funny Eleanor moment when she suggested that they put Alvin and a straight jacket and give him anit-crazy pills. Although I'm still a little confused about the part where Simon was pouting in saddness about Alvin never wanting to see him again, I thought he was less emotionally sensitive than that. And I laughed about the Star Wars/ Trek references Alvin was making. 

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    • All of the episodes were good. Baby Mama Drama was really nice, but fans already knew how Alvin would suck as a parent. And I'm wondering how Eleanor or Theodore would come up with the name Salvador. I always notice the history or Spanish linguistic jokes, but I literally thought while watching it, did they name the doll after Salvador Dali or did they name it savior? I wasn't surprised that Eleanor or Simon were good parents to their dolls, as they act as a surrogate parent to their siblings. Ballet Boys was all right, but I definitely didn't want to see the boys in spandex again. It kinda showed how hypermasculine Alvin's personality is, but I wonder why all three boys are on the football team. I liked Cheesy's joke about candy/protein bars, as it's so true. But, on a team with a bunch of teenaged boys, why would Alvin be the worst at sports nutrition? And how much protein does he need, as too much causes liver failure? Because protein bars have about 20-30g of protein, so I thought his cramps were from liver failure when I first watched it. And why did all of the boys get punished, when Alvin caused the distraction? And how can Alvin run without stretching? The lidocaine cream joke, while it wasn't meant to be a joke, ended up funny because it used the old people used Bengay trope. The Wall was okay, it showed that only Alvin cared about popularity. The whole plot seems to be driven by Alvin thinking cute, as in sexually attractive, when the classmates used it in the sense that you would for a puppy. I didn't like how the girls are Alvin's assistants in this series, as it reminded me of Alvie's Angels. In the beginning of Oh Brother Where Art Thou, it was nice to see the aftereffects of Alvin's own actions. It was also nice to see Theodore prank Alvin more subtly, but it was clear that the girls helped out. I wonder, was the prank the girls' idea, or was it Theodore's? It was nice to see that Alvin cared about Simon at least, but we'll never know to what extent. I only got the Star Wars reference (I have brothers, so watched action movies as a kid), and his lightsabre indicates the dark side, as jedis don't use that color. Shows that Alvin kinda has more negative than positive qualities. Second Star Wars reference in the series.

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    • I Hate Ballet Boys The Wall And Baby Mama Drama Were Ok

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