• Welcome to the Munkapedia community review series in which you are the critic! This review forum series is for the new ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks episodes that have aired at least in English four per forum thread. The series seeks to focus on your thoughts so avoid going too much into the plot details here.

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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the television series: Baby Mama Drama, Ballet Boys, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and The Wall.

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    • my favourite episode out of this batch of episodes is deffinetly "the wall" && 'specially it's song, "so popular", too! i'd love-love-love for that one to be extended, so-so-so much! ~ :D :3

      my second favourite episode out of this batch of episodes is deffinetly "oh brother where art thou" && i loved it's song, too! ~ :D :3

      but i also loved-loved-loved "baby mama drama" && "ballet boys" && their songs, too ('specially "battle cry")! ~ :D :3

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