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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the television series: Treasure Hunt, Summer Camp, He Said, She Said, and Attack of the Zombies.

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    • (watched these via stream!) 

      ahh i'm torn on which of these two episodes were my favourites, same goes for the songs, too!! :( tho i must say, i loved "anything is possible" and hope for a extended/album version! ^-^

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    • Out of the 2 we've had so far Treasure Hunt is my favourite. Though summer Camp was reall good too. Though since Nick paired Summer Camp with Blabber Mouth wouldn't that make Treasure Hunt episode 49B?

      Can't wait to see what the other 2 episodes are gonna be XD

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    • I think I like Treasure Hunt a little more than Summer Camp (watching Summer Camp again know while working on the three songs).

      Blabber Mouth already aired a while ago messing up the numbers so after Summer Camp they should be normal again.

      Edit: Just noticed Brittany paint Jeanette's back and totally laughed out loud.

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    • Both these episodes were stupendous.

      Treasure hunt has a very adventurous type of feel to it which I think the Alvinnn!!! series needs more of; especially with season 3 coming out real soon.

      I think I enjoyed Summer Camp more because the Chipmunks and Chipettes once again emphasize that the modern, luxurious, easy method isn't always the best.

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    • Watched Summer Camp again last night and perhaps my biggest criticism is the ending. It ended so quickly and honestly didn't feel genuine. Plus, the sappy parts leading to everyone crying but Alvin. I didn't expect Simon to cry over what happened; that didn't seem like him to me.

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    • He Said, She Said was fun. Quite an overly dramatic episode as a reference to two 80s episodes. Some Alvittany fighting (throwing each other under the bus). Alvin's view of Brittany was the more humorous story to me.

      Attack of the Zombies - another dream sequence so, eh (haven't seen it again for the details). I liked the supporting reasons that lead Alvin to believe everyone turned into a zombie though.

      Neither of these songs really stuck out to me.

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