• i was looking at zap2it's tv guide (even tho i know it's not very reliable, i still like to check it for episode titles/synopsises! :33) and i saw that three no-title episodes have popped up, i wonder what these episodes are/could be? what do you guys think they could be? (out of the episodes listed on the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks page) ^-^


    also, i wonder why he said she said & attack of the zombies were crossed out on thefutoncritic oo:

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    • If I'm right and those are pairings and not just individual episodes 3 of them should be Queen For the Day, A Father's Kiss and Father of the Year as we have had the titles for those since 2013-2015 before the show had even aired yet. And the other 3 should be He Said, She Said, Attack of the Zombies and Wacky WednesdayThough I could be wrong. Those 2 were crossed out so they could air Summer Camp instead which will be paied with Blabber Mouth thus completing the pairing.

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    • Yes, He Said, She Said and Attack of the Zombies were probably rescheduled. Nick likely realized they screwed up the pairing and are finally going to fix them.

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