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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the television series: Brothers of Dagarack, Overlooked, Wish Upon A Star, and Jeanette's Secret Garden.

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    • ahh Brothers of Dagarack && Wish Upon A Star are my favourites out of this batch of episodes, but i super-duper enjoyed Overlooked and Jeanette's Secret Garden (tho that one was in french! :c), too! :33 ^-^

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    • Brothers of Dagarack really shows Alvin's persistence. Simon caught him (through the sixth dimension!) so many times I lost count. Simon's delusions were a big laugh for me. Not big on Theodore defending the "fingers crossed" principle and Simon's line to Alvin in bed is one of those that touches you.

      Surprised Overlooked wasn't a dream as it shows unreal technology (or is it?). Dang, Simon keeps improving security to his labs but Alvin gets in so easily. I'd thought his scanning system would be advanced enough to recognize between a 2D and 3D object. I liked the idea of being invisible messing with everyone.

      Wish Upon A Star was okay. Everyone trying to fulfill Theodore's wishes just made a great day for Theo (reminder of Jeanette Enchanted). Surprised Jeanette didn't remember Simon's instructions (Eleanor remembering may not be as big a surprise consider she loves cooking).

      I still need to watch Overlooked and Wish Upon A Star again for a better overview.

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    • I like Brothers of Dagarack, but how on earth is Simon going from room to room so quickly? It's like Simon cloned himself or something!

      Viral was alright.

      Overlooked was probably my favorite of the four.

      Wish Upon a Star was... even though I saw maybe half of it, it looked really good. It was nice of the other chipmunks to try and make Theo's wish come true.

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    • Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan wrote:
      I like Brothers of Dagarack, but how on earth is Simon going from room to room so quickly?

      The sixth dimension! ;P

      Jeanette's Secret Garden was alright. Dang Jeanette can ramble on. Poor Simon, gotta zone out after a while. The only real negative for this episode was that they stated someone stole from the garden though it looked more like someone killed the entire thing. A little confusing. The Simon-Jeanette confrontation at the end - wow, Jeanette really grew a backbone.

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    • I kinda liked the episode.

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    • I always love Jeanette. I love how Jeanette's Secret Garden focuses on her. She sure can talk a mile at the beginning. And I love how she says "Don't you Jeanette me!" I always believed in her, trying to make things possible. That's what I love about her and I love her. I also enjoyed Wish Upon a Star. Trying to figure out Theodore's wish.

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