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    The fandom now has the Chipmunks Discord.
    20:10, May 24, 2017

    Maybe on whatsapp, discord, slack, reddit, or whatever you guys think. I personally think it's much easier to discuss stuff on there plus we can actually talk to each other while watching live. Or maybe have rewatches while doing a groupchat. Might even help in keeping activity high cause these platforms seem to be the most popular these days.


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    • Our affiliated forum has group chats with video on the weekend. I personally don't have the time nor the experience with these platforms anyway.

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    • Well, I did made a chatroom on discord quite a long time before, but, currently it may be empty, haven't invited anyone for a long time.. it might be nice to have that chatroom being used now...

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    • No one uses the current chat, even after I spent time updating it. Spending time on another just doesn't seem reasonable to me. Even if another was used, moderation would likely become an issue.

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    • Those platforms mentioned above are different from a normal live live chat like here on the wiki. The platforms do have a live messaging system, but unlike the 'Live! Chat' here, the messages don't dissapear, so people can read them later once they come online, there's also different talk groups for different subjects. It's like forum posting merged with live chatting...

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    • So I joined the discord group which I'll be checkig out from time to time cause I also use it for a bunch of other stuff.

      If moderation were to become an issue, I'd gladly volunteer since Imm pretty active on discord. But I'll also check out the affiliate forum. This is the first time I've heard of it. :)

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    • BillusThecat wrote:
      It's like forum posting merged with live chatting...

      To me it just sounds like a forum (or even Discussions), which we have two of. Not entirely sure why someone would want to read chat discussion they are no longer involved in (other than perhaps moderation but the current Chat can be logged if necessary). An issue I see with messages not disappearing on exit is if someone has posted personal information when they shouldn't have. That shouldn't stick around for future viewing.

      As for moderation, I have no idea what tools are available through Discord. Regardless, it would still be a part of the wiki, if supported, so someone more familiar with the wiki's policies and the wiki in general would be a more appropriate fit to moderate it.

      I'm debating how much this would help the wiki or our affiliated forum partner.

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    • As for the non-disappearing messages, I meant they don't disappear automatically (sorry), the user who posted it can remove it or a moderator can remove it, and there's also private messaging. :)

      The chat widget for the wiki can be easily set-up like here on this fandom wiki (you can see the widget on the right sidebar) and here is a preview of how the rules will look like . :)

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    • Not a fan of users removing their own comments (that's a moderation issue - he said, she said type of situation, unless removals are logged). Private messaging is also available in the current Chat feature. And yes, I'm aware of the widget.

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    • Just wanted to say I've created a Discord server for the wiki and will be playing around with it for a bit. If you guys have more input, let me know!

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    • if i may ask, what's "discord"? ^^;

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    • It's a form of live chat originally targeted to gamers. It allows for text and voice communication and is structured sorta like the forum (closer to the new Discussions feature Fandom's working on actually).

      I'm currently on the Loud House Discord (which is by invitation) trying to get a feel for it while I work on the wiki's server.

      You can create an account and join the wiki's here.

      Edit: Discord may replace the wiki's Chat feature and will hopefully increase fan engagement.

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    • Got the basics down and can't wait for some users to join in!

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    • thanks super much for explaining; just this minete created a account on there! (tho i won't be using the voice-communication part due to being too shy/nervous, i'll just be sticking to text/typing)

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    • Feel free to join us!

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