• in 'chipwrecked' alvin jokingly remarks that his middle name is 'rules'. does anyone think this piece of information belongs in the wiki page? Technically its stated as canon, as its not 100% definate that it was not a joke; it is possible, whilst unlikely, that it was serious. maybe a page mod could add it or not?

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    • I believe this remark is more of a comeback to Dave stating that they need to set some ground rules for their vacation. As a result, the odds are much more in favor of "rules" not being his middle name (wouldn't it be a little ironic if it really was?). Others may or may not agree with me but I think this information isn't needed (or necessarily accurate) for Alvin's article.

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    • that is what i thought too, but I suppose it could be like he rules as in he's awsome? could be either way, just thoguht it was worth mentioning

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