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    This thread is open to any reviews, comments, criticisms, improvements, goofs, etc directed towards the next four episodes of the new series: The Tree House, Saving Simon, Back to School, and Bromance.

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    • The Tree House was a nice little story adding some detail to the characters' backgrounds is one of the main things I hoped from this series. I thought Mr. Crabble was a good antagomist and Alvin stalling the police officer was funny as hell!

      Saving Simon has become of my favourites with many highlights including Alvin calling Brittany "Princess Pea", Alvin dressing up like Simon to fool the camp countsler, and Alvin making that long speech only to realize no one is in the room. I love Saving Simon.

      Back to School was a little rough around the edges but it did add some development to Dave which I enjoyed and his interactions with Alvin were priceless.

      Bromance was okay. While Simon got some character building, I did not like Jamie at all. Ducking out on Simon to spend time with Alvin just because he thinks he's cooler. That's a terrible thing to do and he didn't get what was coming to him. But despite all that I loved "Flying Squirrel Attack!"

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    • Saving Simon is my favourite episode. Lots of Simonette moments. I still can not breath from the shock and hapiness.

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    • The Tree House was some interesting background of The Chipettes. It appears as if the producers are doing a good job at linking to the CGI films (this is the third reference I believe) by showing the girls lived in the Seville House before they built their treehouse. The hazmat suits were creative. My favorite part of the episode was Jeanette protecting the tree. This seemed very much in her character and I loved her solo, "I Belong." Alvin stalling the police officer was great, but more interesting to me was that Simon knew exactly what Alvin was going to do simply by pointing out the officer's walky-talky.

      Saving Simon is my favorite of these four episodes. The Simonette moments are the best so far within the series (loved them but won't get into the details). Alvin dressing as Simon was different and was an interesting look for Alvin. "Not Letting You Go" is another great song and I would love to see an extended version of "Queen of The World." Poor Jeanette couldn't remember Alvin's code-name, but she knew it was a bird nevertheless.

      Back to School showed a side of Dave I never thought I'd see in the series. It kindof reminded me of Some Entrancing Evening. I guess it was a good thing Alvin and Dave spent more time together, though not in the best way. Perhaps the best moment in this episode was Simon and Theodore confronting Dave for his actions.

      Bromance is my least favorite of these four solely as a result of Jamie. Jamie had a great interaction with Simon but was just a fake friend. I did enjoy that Alvin was disappointed/saddened about Simon spending less time with him. Alvin was a little emotional during the "You Are The One" scenes and I liked that. The "flying squirrel attacks" were the greatest, even more so when Simon decided to do so. I found them even more comical considering they are chipmunks pretending to be squirrels.

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    • I actually saw all these episodes, so I won't have to edit this post.

      I just saw the first two episodes yesterday. First, The Tree House. This was a great Chipettes background episode. The thing I loved most about this episode is Jeanette protecting the tree. I love how she has a big heart and it was a great episode for her. Other funny moments in this episode were the hazmat suits and Alvin annoying the police officer to see his walkie talkie. Overall, a great background episode.

      Saving Simon was a great episode with many confusions. Alvin, Theodore, and Brittany's imaginations and arguments about losing Simon were  very funny and Alvin also acting like a sargant was funny. The Simonette moments were great and Alvin dressing as Simon and acting rude was funny. 

      Back to School was my favorite episode because of the great plot. It was surprising to see that Dave never graduated and although bonding with Alvin was a great father-son moment, he was really out of character, but it was very interesting. Simon and Theodore confronting Dave was interesting and teaching him in the next scene was funny with Theodore. 

      Bromance was one of my favorite episodes. I knew Jamie wouldn't last since he was only interested in being cool and not Simon. Simon and Jamie's friendship was great, but when Jamie started bonding with Alvin, it became interesting and the conversation at the end of the episode with Alvin and Simon was a great bonding moment. The flying squirrel attacks were the funniest. 

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    • Good job. Here are my thoughts about the episodes:

      The Tree House- This was a good episode. At first I thought it would be about The Chipettes building the treehouse, but this episode was actually better than what I expected. I liked the whole idea of Jeanette wanting to protect the tree; even to the point where it becomes a "temporary" habitat for her. That really shows how strongly Jeanette cared about the tree. Her solo in the song "The Place Where I Belong" was great. This was a great Jeanette episode, as well as an environmental episode.

      Saving Simon- This was an interesting Simon episode. I like how Alvin, Theodore, and the Chipettes tried to come up with a way to save Simon. I especially thought Alvin calling Brittany "Princess Pea" instead of "Princess B" was funny. I really liked the part where Jeanette trapped Simon inside the closet. I actually expected Simon to get stuck under a bed sheet or something in the closet (with the whole missing glasses part and all). I actually predicted that Dave would not be able to drive the car since Alvin took that part out of the car.  The reactions of Dave and Simon were great when Simon said he was going to Science Camp during the summer. Overall, a good episode. But I am confused as to why Theodore didn't hear the words "Summer Camp" if he was by the window listening to Dave's phone conversation.

      Back to School- This episode surprised me. What? Dave had to go back to school? Interesting. I especially liked the part where Dave struggled with the math understand. I am sure parents have felt that at one point while helping their kids with their homework. Lol. Anyways, I was actually shocked that Dave acted like Alvin a lot while in school! What?! And Dave tells Alvin to better himself, and his studies? Dave, you made the exact same mistake! I loved the part where Simon and Theodore tell Dave how disappointed they are with him, and Theodore repeats every last word Simon says. Hahaha! That was great! Overall, this was a great episode for both Dave and the Chipmunks.

      Bromance- This episode I was slightly disappointed with. I like the whole idea of Jamie being all buddy-buddy with Simon in the episode, but then why would he ditch Simon just be a "cool kid" with Alvin? That doesn't make sense. Why couldn't Jamie be buddies with both of them? I also felt sorry for Theodore. Why couldn't Theodore be a replacement buddy for Simon if Jamie couldn't hang out with him? I loved the intensity of Simon hiding and trying to not be discovered in the bedroom. I actually thought for a second that when Simon hid in the tent, that the basketball would go bouncing off the walls, hit the tent, and cause the tent to collapse on top of Simon. If that had happened, Simon probably would have been struggling under the tent fabric and looked like a blue ghost. Oh well, I was wrong. Back to the episode, everything was good, but sadly, what I did not like about this episode was Jamie whining and complaining a lot during the second half of the episode. Especially after Simon asks if his "buddy" is okay. Seriously, why would Jamie fake being Simon's friend and then whine a lot towards the end? I would have been happy to be Simon little buddy (if I could jump into the show that is... yeah, I wish I could. Lol)! The bonding moment at the end with Alvin and Simon was a nice way to end the episode. The "flying squirrel attacks" we're hilarious, since the Chipmunks constantly get annoyed whenever they are referred to as "squirrels". And I wonder what Alvin did when he did the "flying squirrel attack" at the end in the dark? Anyways, this was a good episode with lots of touching and funny moments. 

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    • The Tree House 

      It was a very interesting episode, I got emotional when Jeanette was playing the guitar, I was literally crying. I didn't like the fact that she was alone out there and noone was there to like - give her food, or stay with her (Yeah! That's for you Simon!!!)- but beside that I really liked it. It shows, a kind of more sensitive side of Jean.

      Saving Simon

      This is by far my favourite episode. It's my favourite because of the Simonette moments (Finally - a kiss!). It drove me nuts, I watch it every single day.

      Back to school.

      This episode was, simple. I don't remember much from it anyway.


      I didn't like the episode, the boy was super annoying and it reminded me an old friend of mine, who wanted me to invite her over, and I couldn't,  and she came without permission. ANNOYING AND RUDE!

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    • "The Tree House" was a good episode. When they showed that the Chipettes used to live with Dave too, it reminded me of the live action films. I enjoyed Alvin's reaction to Jeanette when she said the tree asked her to stay as well as him annoying the police officer at the end of the episode. 

      "Saving Simon" was also good. I enjoyed the imagine scenes from Alvin and Britanny. Alvin's acting as a sargent was great. However, Theodore's attitude towards Alvin in this episode rubbed me the wrong way. When Alvin said that maybe Simon leaving wouldn't be that bad, Theodore seemed to get upset for no reason. Britanny was right, they should be supportive of Simon. But Theodore was also all upset about it. I also find it unfair that Theodore berated Alvin at the end of the episode for not knowing that the science camp was only for the summer. Theo, you didn't know either. In fact, you're the only reason he knows about it in the first place. So, if you didn't know about it, how do you expect him to know? I think all the Chipmunks were in th wrong during this episode (excluding Simon), especially Alvin and Theodore. 

      "Back To School" was an alright episode I suppose. It was interesting seeing how Dave acted similar to Alvin during school. I think Alvin had very legitimate reasons for not liking both Miss Smith and school. Having to spend six hours a day trying to memorize completely uninteresting and usually useless information is pretty darn boring. It's even worse when you don't understand the concept and when your teacher is a jerk. I really didn't like Miss Smith's attitude in this episode. She was extremely rude to Dave and I'd even go as far to call what she was doing bullying. I don't blame Dave for not going up to the board. I really don't think he did anythign wrong there. All blame goes to Miss Smith for being a jerk. Trying to embarrass your students? Yeah, not very cool. This is what causes kids to hate school. And it seems that's what happened to Dave. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened to Alvin as well. What if Alvin was originally a perfectly fine student but developed into the trouble-maker he is now due to Miss Smith's cruel demeanor? Doesn't seem too far-fetched. I hope Alvin continues causing problems for this teacher because she definitely deserves it. 

      "Bromance" seems to be everyone's least favorite episode. Not me. Out of these four episodes, this one was actually my favorite. Alvin trying to get out of giving Jamie a school tour by handing him to Simon instead was great. I enjoyed how this actually developed into the two of them forming a friendship, which led to Alvin in turn beginning to feel left out, similar how Simon felt in terms of Alvin at the beginning of the episode. I do find it interesting turn however, as soon as Jamie discovers Alvin's one of the "cool kids", he immediately begins wanting to hang out with him. I liked how Alvin knew it straight away and slowly began to get on the kids' nerves. You know, for someone who wants to be cool and everything, Jamie sure seems to be a bit of whiny brat. Oh, boo hoo. Let me cry you a river. Oh, and he still owes Alvin money. Better hand it over, Jamie. I really enjoyed the ending of this episode. I found it really sweet for Alvin to tell Simon that if Jamie can't see how cool Simon is, he doesn't deserve to be his friend. And how Alvin said that Jamie only wanted to hang out with him because was "cool" and not because of his personality, acknowledging all the multiple flaws it has. I'd love to see more of this side of Alvin. 

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    • I Didn't Like Saving Simon It Was Meh In My Opinion

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    • Bromance Message:

      Everyone who is calling Jamie rude and selfish is incorrect in my opinion. He was an awesome character; he had wonderful interests in science and mathematics which is what I study most of the time. Alvin hated Jamie, lured him, and told Simon he was a jerk so he could win his blue-clad brother all for himself. If Alvin had not been selfish and instead left Simon’s friendship with Jamie alone, everything would have been cool. Good drama though.

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