• It's been a while since there was an off-topic thread created here in the forum so why not. Many people love Wikia because of the vast diversity of wikis grouped in one company. Given this fact, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share a short list (let's not go overboard) of wikis they like to edit, or simply enjoy reading and exploring. Some have elaborate designs while others have interesting community dynamics. Whatever the reason for your fancy of that wiki, feel free to share it with the community if you like.

    The main wiki I am a part of (outside this one of course) is Community Central, the wiki for all wikis on Wikia where people go for help and information affecting all Wikia wikis. This wiki is the primary wiki in which Wikia Staff interact with editors from all kinds of wikis. I enjoy this wiki given just that fact. It has a diverse array of individuals from around the world. One of my favorite things to do on Wikia is to help people solve their problems and is exactly what I do on Community Central. If you ever need help with an aspect of a wiki (or what to see future improvements), this is the place to go.

    I'm sure some of you have more interesting wikis so let's here 'em.

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