• Are there any Simon and Theodore moments in the 1980's series? I've never seen this series, but I only saw the 2015 series on Nick Jr. I do like brotherly love between them, so I was wondering if there are any moments like Simon comforting Theodore when he's upset, Theodore hugging Simon (that he hugs back), Simon rescuing Theodore from anything, and any other brotherly love moments between them in any of the episodes in all the seasons? If there any, can anyone list the episodes with these moments in?

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    • You know, there are many moments, almost in every episode. If you want to see them you can find 'em in Youtube, they are all available, I believe.

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    • As Chiplover123 mentioned there are many in the 80s series. It's not too uncommon for Simon to stick up for him or be in a prank with Theodore against Alvin (a great example isĀ Theodore's Life as a Dog).

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