This article is about the 2017 CG-animated series episode. For other uses, see The Wall (disambiguation).

The Wall is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


When some girls at school start debating who is the cutest chipmunk in the girls' bathroom, Alvin wants to be known as the cutest chipmunk. Alvin then makes Theodore read some lines telling how much like a baby he is and not cool. Theodore refuses to do so, so Alvin asks Simon to help, but Simon refuses as well and says that the debate is a waste of time. Alvin then makes recordings of himself dressed as Simon and Theodore, saying how much nerdy Simon is, and how much a baby is Theodore. The next day, Alvin plays the recordings in his class, and then gets in trouble and is sent to the Principal's Office. Brittany then tells Alvin that the girls are now voting for the cutest chipmunk, and tells him that Theodore is winning. Alvin then worries too much and tries to start acting like a baby, but as he still doesn't get popularity, Alvin then starts acting like a nerd. The Chipettes, worried for Alvin, decide to sneak into the school at night and put more tally marks for Alvin in the vote, then Brittany takes a picture of the markings. The next morning, The Chipettes show Alvin that he has been 'voted' as the cutest chipmunk. In the end, Brittany pays some girls at school to act to Alvin like he is popular.




  • This episode shares its title with The Chipmunks episode The Wall.
  • The song in this episode was written by AwkwardMarina.
  • Goof: When The Chipettes are talking about "That old crazy guy." Brittany's voice at one point sounds like Eleanor. The same happens later to Eleanor when she says "Yeah, I don't think that will help." in Jeanette's voice.
  • Kevin asking "Are freshmen getting shorter?" is a reference to Michael Bagdasarian's short video, "Are Freshmen Getting Smaller?"
  • Kevin also mentions San Marcos High School, which is an actual high school in California.
  • Kevin's question about "Are freshmen getting shorter?" and saying that their school's girl volleyball team won against San Marcos High School are strong suggestions that the school seen in the series is a high school.
  • Some of Alvin's outfits from previous episodes make reappearances: the baby outfit he wore in Dave's dream sequence in Slippin' Through My Fingers, the Simon disguise he wore in Saving Simon (minus the blue hat), and the blonde wig he wore in Lil'T, which he also wore in Viral.
  • The Chipette's burglar outfits are black versions of the ballet outfits they wore in Ballet Boys.
  • By the end of the episode there are a total of 142 tally marks on the board in the girl's bathroom: 65 for Alvin, 47 for Theodore, and 30 for Simon.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a re-run of Oh Brother Where Art Thou.


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