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The Wall is episode 72A in Season 6 (1988) of The Chipmunks.


  • Caterina and the Chipmunks take a pic to send to Erik
  • Let the wall come down!
  • Family reunited
  • "It was only a dream... but it doesn't have to be."

The Chipmunks go to Berlin to play in the "Wall of Iron" concert by the Berlin Wall. There they meet and befriend a young girl named Caterina who has a brother named Eric that lives on the other side. The Chipmunks inspire the Germans to tear down the wall.




  • Released on VHS in the UK.
  • The episode was just the Chipmunks' dream.
  • Ironically, Alvin's dream actually would come true eleven months later, with the actual destruction of the wall in November 1989.

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