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The Prize Isn't Right is episode 35A in Season 3 (1985) of Alvin and the Chipmunks.


Theodore as simon

Midway into playing Pile of Trivia, a trivia game show, Simon catches the flu. Desperate for the money that Simon would win, Alvin dresses Theodore up as Simon to take his place. Alvin's plan to transmit the answers is ruined by transmitting interference. Luckily Theo is asked a question about food and receives a consolation price: a baby hippo. After the hippo runs away during the night, Alvin and Theodore frantically search every place there is food. Dave later sees Alvin on the show as Simon and heads over to the studio with a reluctant Simon. They arrive on stage just in time for Alvin to answer the last question incorrectly and land in a pot of cheese dip.


Alvin as simon


  • "Magic Bus" originally performed by The Who.


  • The title is a spoof of the long-running game show, The Price Is Right.

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