The Principal is a recurring character in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series as the principal of The Chipmunks' school.

The Principal, as she is referred to in the series, is the principal of the school that The Chipmunks and The Chipettes attend and speaks in a thick French accent. The Principal is the spouse of Professor Perkins, and so it is presumed that her last name is Perkins as well,[1][2] although this has not been confirmed by actual mention of her name. She owns a cat named Beatrice,[3] an unnamed Labrador-looking pup[4] and was formerly a crush of Alvin's.


The Principal is of white complexion, with green eyes and brown hair. She wears a cream, sleeveless dress with a blue belt, black shoes, round gold and white ear studs, and a wedding band on her left hand.


In stark contrast to The Chipmunks' usual teacher, Miss Smith, The Principal is quite a generous and easygoing person by comparison, giving the children a fair bit of leeway before administering punishment.[5] She is also a patient woman, sometimes listening to Alvin's tall tales for hours before cutting him off.[1] Befitting a school principal, The Principal is rather quick-witted and very hard to fool. Due to her community-centered spirit, the Principal frequently organizes competitions and events at the school in order to bring the students together and improve school spirit. Examples of such competitions include a cake bake-off, a contest for the most eco-friendly household, school plays and recitals, and even an annual magic act.


  • She employs Brittany as her volunteer assistant, which is essentially a secretarial role.[1]
  • Her favorite food is kale, and she is known to visit the local establishment, Le Café, for a croissant.



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