The Music Box is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin and Theodore are playing with a soccer ball and disagreeing over nicknames when the principal arrives. Alvin instantly thinks he's in trouble so he hides. She finds them and emotionally explains that her cat, Beatrice, is missing and asks for help posting signs. Theodore helps and begins laboring over the perfect letter to write to her. His pencil breaks, and in the process of locating a sharpener, discovers a music box which he gives to the principal after Dave unintentionally allows Theo to do so. Later, Officer Dangus talks with Dave quite dramatically, believing his time's being wasted, and the youngest chipmunk has a vision of going to jail forever. Looking for his brother, Alvin finds Dave posting a notice about the music box and realizes Theodore's involvement. They go to Brittany for help, but she doesn't believe Theodore stole it and is convinced Alvin did to score with the principal. The two then work together to steal back the music box from under Brittany's nose and return it to Dave's desk. Alvin begins questioning Dave about his actions on the day in which the box was taken though is surprised to find the music box missing from the desk. He confronts Brittany, who he's sure took it, before helping Theodore pack a bag in order to hide in the forest. Out the window they notice the principal returning the music box. Dave assures Theodore that he's not going to jail shortly before Beatrice walks up to them.




  • Theodore pulling the ball away from Alvin, who's trying to kicking it, at the last moment is a reference to Lucy van Pelt who would do the same to Charlie Brown.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a rerun of The Orb.


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