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The Jokester

The Jokester

The Jokester is the main antagonist in The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode Batmunk. He is portrayed by Alvin Seville.


Jokester's Hideout

The Jokester's hideout

The Jokester was the arch enemy of Batmunk determined to make his toys the most popular and became constantly infuriated that Batmunk's toys were better.

His hideout was at an old abandoned amusement park called "Fun Land Park" in a closed down fun house where he could plan his latest schemes with his three clown henchmen Moe, Curly and Chuckles.

He had a fondness for practical jokes, this is shown when he sprays Chuckles with his squirting flower and laughs after he goes straight through the wall.


At beginning of the episode the Jokester has sent his three clown henchmen to Brice Wayne's toy shop to steal all the Batmunk toys and replace them with his Jokester toys.

Batmunk stops them and sends them to prison. The Jokester releases them and returns to his hideout.

Jokester 5

The Jokester conversing with his henchmen

He seethes with fury at how many times Batmunk has defeated him and demands his three henchmen to reveal what new toys they have come up with.

Moe goes first and shows him a puzzle where the pieces can be undone but can't be put back together again.

Curly then shows him "The Jokester Super Ball" that never stops bouncing.

Chuckles finally presents "A Jokester Proambulated Double Flort Zipple."

The Jokester rejects all the ideas and decides to focus his attention on stealing Brice Wayne's latest toy and making it his own.

The henchmen are back at the toy shop and steal the new toy leaving a note from the Jokester saying: "He who laughs last, laughs best". However Nicki Nale, a reporter from the "Chipmunk Quarterly" takes a photograph and makes her escape.

The Jokester bumps into her and she ends up being captured, Batmunk follows and rescues her, but the Jokester escapes with the toy.

Jokester 7

The Jokester with the toy

At his hideout the Jokester is celebrating his success and is about to open the bundle that conceals the toy when Chuckles appears and shows him Nicki Nale doing a TV broadcast.

Nicki Nale says that the toy the villain stole was a fake, the real toy would still be unveiled at an orphan's benefit on the same evening and that Batmunk would be there to ensure total security.

Furious that the toy is fake, the Jokester tells his henchmen that Batmunk won't stop him from crashing the benefit and grabbing the real toy.

He flies to the benefit in his trick hot air balloon and uses a extend-able claw to grab the toy. Brice Wayne tries to stop him but ends up getting lifted up along with Nicki Nale.

Jokester 2

The Jokester kidnapping Brice Wayne and Nicki Nale

After hearing police sirens, the Jokester is forced to make his escape with Brice Wayne and Nicki Nale as his captives.

He throws down a ransom note demanding that Batmunk shows up at Midnight with the real toy in exchange for the hostages. He doesn't know that Batmunk is really Brice Wayne.

At the amusement park, he ties his two captives in the cart of a broken down roller coaster that he will activate, if Batmunk doesn't show up.

When Midnight strikes, the Jokester is about to pull the lever when Batmunk's jet appears, it is really Happy (Brice Wayne's butler) disguised as him but the villain mistakes him for the real hero and demands the toy. When Happy reveals that he doesn't have it, he activates the roller coaster and tries to run away taking the bundle with the supposed fake toy with him.

Jokester 6

The Jokester defeated

Happy saves them and after exchanging costumes, the real Batmunk goes after the Jokester while his butler goes after the three clowns.

Batmunk lands right on top of the villain, knocking him into the ten pin bowling stall. The Jokester surrenders but asks where the real toy is before he is taken into custody.

Batmunk reveals that he had the real toy all along and the villain is furious that he's been tricked. Meanwhile the three clowns are arrested.


The Jokester is always dressed like a circus clown in the same outfit, a purple jacket with orange stripes and green trim on the collars with a joke flower, a Red Ribbon bow tie, lime green trousers and long yellow floppy shoes. He also always wore a purple hat which was prior to Alvin's original red cap.

Interesting Facts

  • Alvin's character was based on the well known villain in the 1989 Batman movie " The Joker"
  • At the very beginning of the episode before The Chipmunks start watching the movie, Alvin says: "Heroes are okay, but the Villains have more fun." which is a clue that he might play the villain.

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