The Gift is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


It is Dave's birthday and Simon and Theodore have made gifts of Dave, meanwhile, Alvin did not. So he asks Theodore if he can share the gift with him and so both give it to Dave, Theodore agrees. Alvin and Theodore give their present to Dave. Dave opens Theodore's present to find an ugly homemade sweater made by Theodore. Alvin suddenly declares that the gift was not from him and only from Theodore, then goes up to his bedroom to get "his" gift, bringing back some chewing gum for Dave. Dave, not trying to be rude to Theodore, says it is a great sweater and Theodore asks him to put it on, which Dave also does so Theodore does not get heartbroken. Next day, Dave goes out for some work but was stopped by Theodore asking him to put his sweater on, which Dave does again. The Chipmunks later find Dave in a restaurant without his sweater and Theodore gets worried about the sweater. When Dave exits the restaurant, he tells Theodore he put the sweater in the car's trunk for safe-keeping. The next morning, The Chipettes accidentally had got the sweater shrunk, and now it is too small for Dave, but Dave, still thinking of all the work Theodore must have done to make this sweater, still wears the shrunk, and now pink, sweater. Dave now leaves for a business meeting with a singer and finds that the singer herself is also wearing a homemade sweater. Theodore later makes another sweater for Alvin.




  • When Dave is going through the ringtone music on his phone, the ringtones briefly play the beginning instrumentals of "Lady Luck," "Ooh Girl," "With My Eyes Closed," "Ring a Ding" and "I See You."
  • Alvin said in Clowning Around that one of Theodore's fears is "Big dogs.", yet in this episode Theodore bravely scares off three of them.
  • Goof: As Dave turns to leave the Seville House for his meeting, his vest is briefly embedded in his left shoulder.
  • When this episode premiered in the US, it aired with a re-run of The Wall.


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