The Chipmunks Story is an episode of the Alvin and the Chipmunks series.


  • Alvin plays the piano
  • Cute baby Simon!! ^u^
  • "Somehow, I'm not very hungry..."
  • Don't ever eat a chipmunk diet!
  • Simon dances to the music
  • "Triple!"
  • "Oh, boy!"
  • Alvin is a little too small for his shirt. >u<

While Alvin is looking for a game in the closet, he stumbles upon some baby clothes. When he shows Dave, he explains that they're the baby clothes from when they were babies. Showing them a photo album, he explains the story of how they met and became a family.

The story begins with Dave attempting to write a hit music song in his leaky house. Faced with a deadline to keep his job and house, his worries multiply once the mother of Alvin and his brothers shows up and drops the boys off on Dave's doorstep because of a severe nut shortage caused by winter being unusually severe and harsh. Alvin and his brothers quickly proved to be a handful, and because the three Chipmunks have gotten their first taste of human food, the three are reluctant to eat the breakfast of berries and nuts that Dave tries to feed them. After he gladly takes them in, his selfish and jerk landlord spies on Dave's property, and after finding out about the boys, he shows up at Dave's house, threatening him to get rid of the boys, mistaking them for being "pets" and even threatening to force Dave out of the house if he doesn't get rid of the boys soon. After getting rid of the landlord, Dave gets a call from Julie about their brunch date. When Dave forgets his brunch date with Julie, he leaves the boys alone to get the stuff for his brunch, understandably expecting the three to behave themselves. The three decide to write a hit song for Dave and send it to a radio station. While Dave is out of the house, the boys write a hit song called Witch Doctor and send it to the radio station. Later, when Dave's date Julie shows up, the boys mistakenly and accidentally ruin Dave's brunch date, and because Dave is reluctant to flat out get rid of the boys, Julie storms out of the house, leaving Dave disappointed. While Alvin and his brothers are at least trying to clean the dishes, and accidentally breaking them in the process, the three are kidnapped by the landlord.

Unknown to Dave, his landlord sells the boys to the zoo as snake food for financial reasons proving he is not only selfish, but greedy and unethical. After Dave finds out the truth, he rushes to the zoo, just missing Alvin and his brothers as they escape the zoo. As Dave makes it to the snake pen expecting the worst, the boys go to Food World to find Dave's phone number but are chased out after they ruin the store. Upset, Dave makes his way to the studio to be fired unaware that The Chipmunks are close behind. Alvin and his brothers discover Rockin' Rod's music room and play Witch Doctor on the radio, but are chased out by Rockin' Rod himself who discovers that the song is quickly becoming a huge hit soon after Alvin and his brothers run out of the room. When Dave hears his song, he rushes to find the boys who convince Dave's boss to triple his salary with which he buys a new house far away from his greedy, selfish, and awful landlord.




  • Dave's girlfriend Julie resembles Claire and how The Chipmunks ruined his date.
  • This episode differs from the special, as Dave actually found the chipmunks in a cabin because they were playing a game of hide and seek, but in the episode it's shown that Vinny (The Chipmunk's later revealed-to-be mother) left them on Dave Seville's porch.
  • The book The Chipmunk Story is based off this episode.
  • A clip from the episode later appears in the episode Chipmunkmania.
  • Part of the Alvin and the Chipmunks in The Chipmunk Family Tree VHS.


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