Talking Teddy is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Theodore's new talking-teddy bear is driving Alvin and Simon nuts. So, they decide to rewire the bear's hard drive, so the bear will follow their directions! But when Alvin abuses the privilege, Simon turns the tables on him.[3]


When Theodore gets to pick the show to watch, his bear recommends Talking Teddy TV Fun Time. Unable to stand any more of the bear, Alvin convinces Simon to do something about it. Simon comes up with the idea to rewire the bear so they can control what it says. The next night, Theodore seems a little upset by the change of his teddy. While Alvin starts to abuse his control on the bear, Simon tries to dampen Alvin's actions. After Simon wants to end the charade, Alvin steals the keyboard, hides, and continues to take advantage, to Simon's displeasure, of Theodore. Simon, unable to take any more, rewires the bear once more so he can use Teddy to teach Alvin a lesson. Once he succeeds in freaking out Alvin, Simon convinces Theodore to donate Teddy to a daycare program. In the end, Theodore returns with a new and improved Talking Teddy.




  • Goof: In one frame of the first bedtime scene, Simon's bedside table is not in-between his and Alvin's bed, but is on the other side near the wall. Yet, in the next frame, it's shown to be in-between their beds again.
  • Goof: When Alvin puts his hand over Simon's mouth he doesn't have his glasses on but in the next frame when Alvin is quieting Simon his glasses are on only for him to grab them with the next camera switch.
  • When Simon states "here's the Shyamalan twist," he's referring to M. Night Shyamalan and the plot twists he frequently adds to his movies.
  • The full episode was available on (US).
  • Part of the Alvin's Wild Adventures and Back to School DVDs.



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