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Vinny is great and all, but i have two questions. One, why is it so hard to find pictures of her? And, what ever happened to their dad? What about Vinny's husband? even in cartoons, people still have to have parents. CashSeville 06:10, 3 November 2008 (UTC) CashSeville, the fourth munk

  • For some reason, Vinny only appears in two episodes and one ("Vinny's Visit") seems to be very hard to find, so that answers your first question. As far as I know, the subject of the boy's biological father has never been dealt with. I'd imagine that he died before they were born or something or other and Vinny doesn't want to talk about it. (At least one person I know wrote a fanfiction dealing with that to share their idea of what happened. In that fanfic, he went into the dangerous part ofthe woods to look for food for his family and died somehow...I forget exactly how. The author also speculated that Alvin got his mischevous streak from him. I liked the ideas presented in that fic, but, of course, it's not canon, so we may never really know.) Probably, no one was sure how to make a story about him and make it work.~Colliequest Eyes before eats, except after teeth 20:35, February 7, 2010 (UTC)