Suck Toads are a fictional species of rare amphibian in the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series, featured in the episode Suck Toad.


Suck toads have a flat underside and a dome shaped, olive green colored back with brown bumps. They have a small face and six brown legs each with three toes.


Suck toads require a very specific set of conditions in order to thrive, especially when attached to a host, otherwise, they will become sick and turn dark purple. They are mostly situated to habitats that have a calm, natural scenery lacking bright colors and lights and enjoy being around mud to keep them hydrated. Their diet consists of worms as well as green roughage such as kale. Any host that a suck toad attaches to, as one did to Brittany, must avoid eating sugar as the toad can absorb it through the host's skin and be harmed. Removing a suck toad from its host is extremely difficult and requires a specialist.