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Soccer to Me is episode 32A in Season 3 (1985) of Alvin and the Chipmunks.


Alvin and Eleanor in Soccer to Me

After Alvin pushes his soccer team too far, a member quits. Alvin must find one more player and also someone to sponsor them. The only one qualified to play is Eleanor, though Alvin doesn't want a girl on his team. He places Theodore on the team instead. Brittany won't rest until she proves Eleanor can make the team even if she's a girl. She asks Dave to sponsor them and informs him that Eleanor's part of it. Alvin finds out and quits. Eleanor wants to join the team without having Alvin quit so they make a deal. If Alvin wins, she must quit the team, and if she wins, he will stay on the team. In the end Eleanor wins and Alvin stays on the team with her.



  • "Legs" originally performed by ZZ Top.


  • This episode reveals Eleanor is an athlete.
  • Mishap for Jeanette: Holding her protester's sign upside-down.
  • This episode reveals that Alvin is sexist when it comes to sports.

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