Sister Act is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Following a fight with Brittany, Eleanor decides to move in with Alvin and his brothers! Alvin panics! Their "bro zone" has been invaded! Eleanor quickly rearranges the boy's entire lifestyle; including turning Alvin's bed...PINK. Alvin and his brothers decide it's time to strike back.[3]


Following a "colossal" fight with Brittany, an upset Eleanor interrupts the boys' tennis match. When she asks to stay, Alvin denies the request as he doesn't want a girl in their "man cave." Unfortunately for Alvin, Dave overrules him and Eleanor takes over his bed and closet. Stunned and worried she will stay forever, Alvin convinces Simon to talk to her to no avail though he's not worried. Alvin confronts Dave to learn that Eleanor is making a deep impression on him with her cooking and cleaning. Eleanor continues to ruin Alvin's life and he's certain "girl power" is going to get the best of Dave. Simon's view of the matter is finally changed after Jeanette moves in. Unable to stand anymore, the boys confront Brittany who's enjoying her new independence. Desperate to fix the situation, they undertake "Operation Switchback;" they move into The Chipettes' Treehouse. The next day, Brittany drops by during Dave's make-over and embraces her sisters. On their way out, Alvin accidentally ignites their original argument.






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