Principal Interest is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Just like every year, Alvin is none-too thrilled about going back to school. That is until he sees the new Principal and then it's whoa! Love at first sight![3]


Alvin is not thrilled about going back to school until he sees the new Principal and takes interest in her. At the bell of his first class, Alvin rushes to the Principal's Office where he discovers Brittany is her assistant. Brittany refuses him admittance until he is sent for back-talking to his teacher. Alvin treats her to a long-winded story that concludes with him kissing her hand. After misbehaving in class over and over again just to see the Principal, the Principal talks to Dave which Alvin interprets as competition. To prevent him from seeing the Principal, his teacher states a new rule in which he won't see her anymore. His continued misbehavior ultimately leads to his suspension. Dave, unable to stand Alvin and unaware he followed him, meets the Principal at a cafe. Alvin crashes the dinner before learning she's married. Alvin describes his broken heart to Miss Smith as he cleans his school graffiti and quickly moves past it once he sees another woman outside.






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