Playing Favorites is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin jumps on Dave's desk to ask him something, but his attention turns to a picture Dave cut out of Simon. After complaining about the number of pictures Simon has and accusing his guardian of having a favorite son, Alvin makes the case to Theodore that Dave indeed likes Simon more. At dinner, in order to get Dave to divert his attention away from Simon, Alvin and Theodore collectively come up with a made up vehicle project. When Simon asks questions, the two elder brothers argue concluding that they will race in a week to see who has the fastest ride. Alvin leaves Dave an invitation to their race for Alvin wants to show that they have the same "brain juice stuff" as Simon. Seeing as they don't know how to construct a race car, Alvin proposes taking apart and reassembling his car to learn how it's done. The rebuild of the car is a disaster so they practice on other appliances and vehicles around the Seville House with equivalent results. Disappointed, Theodore uninvites Dave, and despite wanting to quit the race when Simon gave them the chance, Alvin refuses to give in even though they only have a cart pulled by Theo wearing skates. Simon overhears them talking in the basement and that night makes some modifications to the youngest brother's skates. The next morning the two vehicles start the race on a closed street. Simon maintains the lead until he fakes a malfunction and activates the rockets in Theodore's skates, causing the cart to jet past him and fly into freshly poured concrete. Given they won the race and got a picture in the newspaper, Alvin rubs the win in Simon's face and strives for Dave to states he's more proud of them until Dave yells "ALVINNN!!!"





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