Paper Pilot is a HTML5 game for all devices (eg; mobiles, laptops, etc). It was released on December 24th, 2015 on Nick AU (February on Nick US) and features the character design from the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series.


The goal of the game is to aim and hit floating golden 'A' symbols, hats, clocks, and moving and stationary targets with a paper plane in order to increase your score before the timer runs out.


There are two locations to choose from: The Chipmunks' bedroom or The Chipmunks' school. After selecting a location, floating objects are visible along with Simon, who is walking back and forth, and Theodore, who is jumping up and down, holding up targets above their heads (the school scene has a stationary chalk target as well). Alvin is the thrower of the planes and has 90 seconds at the start to hit the targets. Launching the planes is a two-step process: direction and height. To pick your direction, click the mouse when the plane is facing the direction of the object to hit. To pick your height, click the mouse when the plane Alvin's holding matches the height you wish the plane to travel. Point values vary: Simon's target gives 250 points, Theodore's 100, the chalk target 50, a hat 50, and an 'A' 25. The only way to lose points (a minor two points) is by hitting Simon or Theodore with a plane. Hitting a clock adds 15 seconds to the countdown.

System Requirements

Compatible with desktops, laptops and any mobile devices. Requires HTML5 to play.

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