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OuiDo! Productions (previously named Timoon Animation and Genao Productions) is a French-based entertainment production company that specializes in series animation.

The firm was founded in May 2003 by Philippe Mounier. By 2008 Sandrine Nguyen and Boris Hertzog were both named Managing Director and Executive Producer (later both were named CEO and Hertzog became the President). In 2012 the company experienced a short-lived name change to Genao Productions that lasted until the Fall 2013 when the company was renamed to OuiDo! Productions due to Lagardere Entertainment giving up its animation label.[1] In February 2015, OuiDo! Productions was purchased by Technicolor, a French-based studio.[2]

Since their founding, OuiDo! has created multiple successful television series in France and abroad. These include Sonic Boom, Mini-Wolf, and The Legendaries. In 2012, Bagdasarian Productions partnered with OuiDo! Productions to develop the 2015 CG-animated ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.[3]

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