The Chipmunks - Mexican Holiday01:49

The Chipmunks - Mexican Holiday

"Mexican Holiday" is an original song sung by The Chipmunks in The Chipmunk Adventure and is part of The Chipmunk Adventure: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.


The Chipmunks:
On our way
Oh yes we're going for
A sunny festive holiday
Down where the brightly colored
Mariachis play as long as you say
And senioritas sing all day
Where we love the piñata surprises
And we love all the skies of blue

And I love the tamales and tostadas too!

Alvin & Simon:

Well I'm hungry!

Just wait until we finish the song!

The Chipmunks:
On our way
To where the ocean breezes
And the palm trees gently sway
Down where the children's laughter
Rings aloud to brighten everyone's day
And you can dance the night away
Where there's plenty of time to siesta
And there's plenty of mystery

And there's plenty of Tacos for you and for me.

Theodore, I'm warning you!

Uh, but I'm really hungry!

The Chipmunks:
You can go searching for treasure
Take a walk along the moonlit beach
Look at the heavens up in the sky
The stars are close
Enough to reach
There's plenty for all
Paradise calls to you

I-I'll have a tostada grande, two casa-

Alvin & Simon:

Okay! Okay!

The Chipmunks:
On our way
For a delightful, sunny, festive holiday

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