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Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll is episode 89 and the last in Season 7 (1989) of The Chipmunks.


Christmas with mr. carroll
Dave hugs the chipmunks
Dave and the Chipmunks in Christmas past
Alvin writes christmas list
Alvin is writing yet ANOTHER long Christmas list... XP

Alvin has to do a report on the true meaning of Christmas by Christmas Eve. Upset, Alvin carelessly speeds away on his bike, causing Simon and Theodore to spin out of control. Alvin runs over Mr. Carroll's flowers, causing Mr. Carroll to yell at him, Alvin responds by calling him a grouch. Alvin writes a HUGE list of what he wants for Christmas. Alvin delivers his paper route, which makes him late to deliver his list and forget to write his essay.

Alvin falls asleep, which then starts his adventure. He first meets an old version of Dave who is the ghost of Christmas past. He takes Alvin to when they were tiny kids. He meets Theodore (spirit of Christmas present) and shows him why Mr. Carroll is mean. Alvin doesn't want to talk about Christmas, but then Simon (spirit of Christmas yet to come) shows him the "you" he may soon become. He is seen next eating all the food Theodore made for their grandparents, making him fat. Then he hurts them with his fatness by breaking the house. Alvin starts saying to Simon "I'll change!!!" Alvin wakes up and invites Mr. Carroll to their house, helps Simon bring his gift to Dave upstairs, and bakes with Theodore.


Theo bakes christmas cookies
Theodore's present for Dave




Merry Christmas, MrMerry Christmas, Mr. Carroll(23:01)
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