Liberty Records

The original record image of Liberty during the time of The Chipmunks

Liberty Records was a United States-based record label. It was started by chairman Simon Waronker in 1955 with Alvin Bennett as president and Theodore Keep as chief engineer.

Early History

Liberty's early releases focused on film and orchestral music. The record label's first single and big hit was Lionel Newman's "The Girl Upstairs."

By 1958, Liberty was close to bankruptcy when Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. convinced them that they might as well press singles of "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)" with the leftover vinyl pucks and labels in their warehouse. In just a few months leading up to Christmas of 1958, the record shot to the top of the charts. It became the only Christmas record to reach #1 on the pop chart, selling 4.5 million copies, saving the business.

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