Jeanette's Secret Garden is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Jeanette, Theodore, and Eleanor cook while Food for Thought broadcasts on their laptop. When the narrator mentions the benefits of gardening, Jeanette ziplines over to the Seville House, knocking a busy Simon into the wall. Jeanette pitches the idea of turning a trash pile into a school garden as Simon works on maintenance issues for the Principal. She talks until Simon agrees, in his sleep, to get the Principal's permission for the garden. The next day at school, Simon's blown out of a vent and Jeanette confuses his thumbs up as support for the garden. Jeanette gathers Alvin, Theodore, and her sisters to construct the garden beds. Once built, Bocarter expresses interest in the site, and following a class, the chipmunks discover their garden damaged. Alvin forms a secret defense and they work together to provide surveillance of the area. They discover someone walking around with a flashlight, but when Alvin attacks him he learns its just a security guard. Jeanette confronts Simon for the Principal scolded them for building the garden without permission though Alvin breaks to her the fact he's a sleep-talker. Needing authorization to keep the green space, the chipmunks get the host of Food for Thought to film a segment when Bocarter's vending machines unfortunately fall onto the plants. Despite being knocked down, Jeanette built a new garden next door while the old garden grew into the vending machines breaking them.




  • A sneak peek clip was uploaded to
  • Food for Thought may be a reference to The Chipmunks episode Food for Thought.
  • Running Gag: Simon keeps being knocked into the wall upside down.
  • This episode confirms that The Chipettes' last name is still Miller, in this series.


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