Inner Dave is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin is cleaning the carpet in the living room when he finds Simon with a new invention, the shrinking machine, that can help him do his work. Alvin takes the machine to use it on the carpet, but the boys are accidentally shrunk and the only way for them to return to their normal size is to get in contact with water. Dave is the only one who can help them but they are too tiny to be heard from him. First, they try to get help screaming in Dave's ear, second, they try looking for some receptors on David's brain that would help them communicate with him, third, they try to get sneezed from him, and last, they sing from his mouth into the microphone he was talking in. After Dave notices them, they fall in a glass of water and they return at their original dimension. Eventually, it turns out it was only Alvin's dream.




  • As of right now, this episode isn't available in English.


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