I Will Survive is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Simon's busy doing math homework when he is continuously distracted by Theodore counting. When he investigates, he learns that Theodore and The Chipettes are assisting Alvin train for Kid Nature, a survival reality show. Simon's not impressed so Alvin shows off his agility only to end up spraining his ankle, ruining his chance of being a contestant. Unwilling to give up, he sneaks to school, but Simon doesn't buy Alvin's desperate pleads. Derek shows up believing Alvin is faking his injury so he insults them both. After Alvin stands up for Simon, Jerry, the show's host, approaches and casts Derek and Alvin spots on the show, but Simon convinces Jerry to let himself compete instead. Unprepared, Simon undergoes rigorous training building muscle and testing his knowledge of berries. Unmatched physically, Simon concludes he must outsmart Derek, though when he overhears his brothers' and neighbors' doubts, his confidence drops even more. The next morning film begins and Simon's ready. The challenge consists of berry identification, balance, fire making, stillness, and tree climbing. With the score tied, they take part in a foot race in which Derek ends up pinned under a rock. Simon uses "Mr. Fulcrum and Mr. Lever" to free him only to cross the finish line last. Simon later learns he's won because Derek cheated and is heading to Antarctica for the finals.




  • The episode name may be inspired by Gloria Gaynor's song "I Will Survive."
  • Simon is able to light a fire with his glasses, similar to how he did in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.
  • Series Running Gag: Alvin says the wrong word/phrase - Particicals instead of participles.
  • A sneak-peek clip was released on
  • This episode was paired with a new episode, Alvin's Got A Brand New Bag, for its US premiere, the first time Nick's done so since the pairing of Good Luck Mr. Whiskers and Who's Your Daddy.
  • Part of the Who Ghosts There DVD.


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