iHear is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Dave catches Theodore vacuuming for Alvin, who's more concerned with talking on his phone. Unable to take anymore, Dave locks up the phone, and, while his brothers and The Chipettes listen in on him, Alvin attempts to convince his father why he needs it. The next day at school Alvin's classmates learn he doesn't have his phone anymore and he's convinced his life's over. Following a nightmare and emotional speech about watching the world go by without him, Theodore comforts Alvin and tells him Simon might help. Alvin confronts his brother about a secret phone and gives 179 reasons to convince Simon to give it to him. Once Alvin's feeding his addiction with the new nano-phone, Simon tries getting him focused on homework only for them to cause the invention to malfunction, allowing Alvin to now hear everyone's phone conversations. Alvin refuses to give up the glitched device and decides to take notes on the calls he listens in on. Upset Alvin told everyone of Brittany's crush, she and Simon undertake Operation Hang up, consisting of Alvin overhearing a discussion of the so-called health dangers of Simon's nano-phone. Terrified, Alvin rushes home begging a clueless Dave to remove the device from his head. As a result of the incident, Alvin refuses to take his phone back at the end of the week.





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