Home Sweet Home is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


Alvin hands out autographs to get votes for Carnival King until Ricky, another runner, gives out a Tom Cruise autograph. Alvin then lies to his classmates that he will be singing with Michael Jackson at the carnival if he wins. The boys' begin looking for Michael only to discover Jeremy Huffington who claims to be Michael Jackson's "personal-person" and promises to introduce them to Michael. Alvin informs Ricky of Jeremy but he doesn't believe him so Alvin has Simon create a lie-detector. Ricky passes and the bell rings before Jeremy can be tested. Rumors begin to spread and as they do, they begin to change until news reporters believe Jackson's entire family moved into the Seville House. Everyone learns Jeremy is really just a homeless man, to their disappointment. Shortly later, Jackson's chauffeur informs them Michael wishes to take part in a concert with The Chipmunks to raise money for the homeless as well as a job offer for Jeremy.



  • "Billie Jean" Performed by Michael Jackson.


  • Released on VHS in the U.K.
  • All of Michael Jackson's appearances in this episode are live action, including the scene where he dances with a 2D animated Alvin. 

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