Hearts and Flowers is an episode of The Chipmunks series.


The Chipettes are excited for the summer holidays, but Miss Miller keeps making other plans for them! Annoyed by her time-consuming requests, the girls decide to constrain her with other activities by first enrolling her in a photography course. Seeing the ploy doesn't work as they wanted, the girls decide to hook her up with an elderly man by the name of Mr. Flowers. The solution works too well that now Miss Miller is spending much time dating him and fails to spend any time with the girls. In order to get Miss Miller focused on the girls again, Brittany decides to shock Miss Miller by feigning a medical emergency appearing that she fainted while coming out of the bathtub. However, the girls fail to account for time as a date with Mr. Flowers ran long, and Brittany fell asleep in a puddle of water. When Miss Miller arrives home, she sees the fake emergency has become real as Brittany is rushed to urgent care. In the waiting room, Miss Miller says she would never abandon the girls, and that Mr. Flowers is moving away, hence the long date as a farewell. The following morning, Miss Miller wishes Eleanor luck as she goes out for a jog, and reminds Jeanette of butterfly collecting. Miss Miller then helps a bedridden Brittany, who is now ill, but says the good news is the doctor thinks Brittany should recover right around the first day of school.




  • As of right now, this episode isn't available in English.


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