The Chipmunks-Goodbye To You01:01

The Chipmunks-Goodbye To You

"Goodbye to You" is a song originally performed by Scandal that is covered by The Chipmunks in the Alvin and the Chipmunks episode A Chip Off the Old Tooth. The lyrics were modified to fit the situation with Theodore's tooth.


Those meals we shared together seem so long ago
I liked you far too much to ever let you go

The Chipmunks:
Sharing lunch or snacks, they all were great
Apples, plums, pecans, or even grapes
It's such a pity to say goodbye to you
Goodbye to you

I don't think I'll love another like I have loved you
I remember those sweet times we had and the tooth aches too

The Chipmunks:
I guess it's time we went our separate ways
If I wanna prevent tooth decay
Still it's such a pity to say goodbye to you

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