Family Spirit is an episode of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks series.


Alvin tries to get out of the annual family day picnic with Dave because he has tickets to the big soccer match.[3]


While Alvin shows off his ticket to a big soccer game to his brothers, Julie offers Dave tickets to the same game, but, coincidentally, the anniversary of Dave and the boys' meeting is the same day. Alvin attempts to tell Dave he wishes to go to the game only to stop himself when Dave mentions the importance of family. Simon advises Alvin to stop thinking about soccer to get over it; unfortunately for Alvin, he sees soccer references everywhere and starts growing impatient. As a result, he kicks a soccer ball which hits his teacher landing him in detention. Able to get out before the game, Alvin uses detention to try and get out of family day. When Dave finds out about Alvin's detention, he calls the principal to move it back a week. The morning of family day, Alvin fakes a fever. Outside, Theodore slips on his "brotherly pact" informing The Chipettes that Alvin's faking. Brittany then attempts to tell Dave but she can't because she doesn't want to crush him. Released, Alvin goes to the game only to leave when he realizes family's more important. Back with his family, Alvin learns of Dave's interest and convinces everyone to go to the game at the cost of watching five Talking Teddy shows with Theodore.





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