Dr. Buford Bubbles is the main antagonist in The Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode Sploosh. He was portrayed by Alvin Seville.


Dr. Bubbles is always dressed in a white lab coat with tails, a light blue jumper underneath with a matching ascot, grey trousers and darker grey shoes. He also wears Alvin's traditional red cap.


Dr. Bubbles is a selfish and self praising oceanographer who always takes all the credit for all the hard work his assistant Trusty does. He loves publicity, his main goal is to be rich and famous and he's determined to let nothing stand in his way. He is also shown to be lazy and unkind to Trusty, one such time is when he loses the mermaid he is searching for and sends Trusty to search for her instead of him.


At an Ocean based theme park Dr. Bubbles is having a press conference promising them a mermaid, but when Trusty tells them that finding one could take years maybe even decades, the reporters disperse with the oceanographer making a rash promise of bringing one the next day.

Dr. Bubbles 1

Dr. Bubbles and Trusty

Dr. Bubbles is furious and blames Trusty to ruining his publicity. Suddenly Miss Dalia, a popular talk show hostess arrives and he makes an offer of bringing a mermaid on her show by tomorrow morning, she agrees.

Despite Trusty's protests of the delicate balance of creatures being separated from the sea, he ignores him and tries to make an effort to catch one with Trusty's latest invention called the Mermaid Enticer. He turns it on and an extending net goes into the sea.

The scientist starts having dreams of being known worldwide, opening his very own Mermaid theme parks around the world and making zillions of Dollars.

The net captures one particular Mermaid who is a princess called Montana, Miss Dalia helps Dr. Bubbles pull it up, but while they are celebrating their catch, they accidently let go of the net and it goes back into the sea.

Determined not to lose his ticket to fame, he throws a dinghy into the water and gives Trusty orders in finding her and to not come back without her. He starts having dreams of being known worldwide and opening his very own Mermaid theme parks around the world.

Dr. Bubbles 2

Dr. Bubbles dreaming his failure

Sometime later Trusty returns but has hidden the Mermaid under a sheet and tells the two anxious people that she's gone, both of them are very upset. Dr. Bubbles gets a taxi home and starts to have another dream of himself being on a show and branded as "The Biggest Nincompoop in History."

Later he goes to Trusty's home, completely unaware that Montana is there with him. He bangs on the door loudly determined to be let in. Trusty hastily hides her and finally lets his boss in.

While going over to Trusty, he knocks over Montana who is disguised as a lamp and thinks that he has a Mermaid here. Trusty tries to deny it and then introduces his "cousin" to Dr. Bubbles who is again Montana in disguise, though the scientist feels that she looks very familar.

While Trusty is trying to get rid of his Boss, Miss Dalia suddenly appears and tells him that she is putting Trusty on the show instead of the lead scientist and expose him as a fraud. She is introduced to Montana who suddenly acts strangely when the fish Miss Dalia brings in are her relatives and then screams shattering every glass in the room, the scientist and the talk show hostess duck under the dining table.

They suddenly suspect that something suspicious is going on and their suspicions are justified when Simon's "cousin" drinks some salt water from one of his fish tanks and they expose her.

Montana screams again, this time breaking every fish tank in the room sweeping them all in the spilled water. Dr. Bubbles then knocks her into a cage and Miss Dalia locks it and precedes to take her away. The scientist stops her, but Trusty grabs her and tells them both that Montana isn't going anywhere. Dr. Bubbles is suddenly surprised by his assistant's change of attitude, but Miss Dalia sees her chance to grab the cage, drop it on her motorcycle and escape to her apartment. The other two follow her in hot pursuit.

While Miss Dalia is interviewing Montana, the fame hungry scientist barges in and threatens to call a reporter called Horaldo about the Mermaid if she doesn't hand her over.

She gives in and agrees as long as she gets her exclusive. Trusty suddenly appears on a window-washer's lift and warns that Montana will get sick if she is out of the ocean for too long. The others selfishly refuse and disconnect the lift making him fall to his apparant doom.

Dr. Bubbles makes plans with Miss Dalia to meet him at his laboratory at 10 o Clock tonight unaware that Trusty landed on an orning and has heard everything.

Dr. Bubbles' lab

Dr. Bubbles' Lab

Miss Dalia arrives at Dr. Bubbles' lab with Trusty close behind and is forced by him to give his self proclaiming password:

"Dr. Bubbles, He's our Guy,

World renound and I'll tell you why,

He caught a Mermaid in a tiny swoop,

And gave the World, a fabulous Scoop."

Dr. Bubbles is at his desk calling the press for an interview the next day, ignoring the fact that Montana who is now in a tank has starting getting sick just as Trusty said.

Miss Dalia arrives folowed by Trusty who goes over to the tank, but is immediately stopped by the selfish scientist, and despite Trusty's pleas to let her go, as well as Miss Dalia's, who had a sudden change of heart after seeing the weakened condition Montana was in, he feels no pity and makes them leave.

Dr. Bubbles 5

Dr. Bubbles left humiliated

Trusty suddenly appears again on an anchor attached to large crane controlled by Miss Dalia over the tank to save Montana. Determined not to lose his claim to fame, the crazy scientist tries to stop his former assistant by swinging a baseball bat at him which results in him falling into the tank while Trusty rescues Montana leaving him behind to be made "The Biggest Nincompoop in History."

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