Derek Smalls is a main antagonist of the ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks television series as one of the students in The Chipmunks' school.


Derek is seen wearing a letterman jacket, which has a red and white 'D' on the front; the actual jacket is purple with white sleeves and pockets. Derek also wears a red t-shirt with a yellow collar underneath the jacket, black jeans, and red and white trainers. Derek's hair is strawberry-blonde with a side fringe, and his eyes are light blue.


Derek is initially portrayed as the school bully,[1] and though his role as such decreases in some latter episodes,[2] he retains some hostility and troublesome behavior in most of his character interactions.[3][4] He isn't afraid to speak his mind and does so honestly, even if bribed to say otherwise.[5] Derek is also willing to cheat his way to victory and use other's kindness to him against them.[6] Despite being a bully himself, Derek becomes insecure when he becomes the target of bullies.[7]


  • Derek is seen hanging around with RayRay (name revealed in Missing Miss Smith) and one other unnamed boy in some episodes.




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