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Daisy Belle

Daisy Belle is a recurring character in the 1961-1962 television series The Alvin Show.


Daisy Belle is usually rude to The Chipmunks but doesn't always mean to. In some cases (Sir Alvin & Bicycle Built for Two) she tries to be nice to them or even flirt with them, but they are usually rude to her or ignore her. She has a belief that ladies should always be first (shown in Three Blind Mice) and if things don't go her way, she has her mother to defend her. Daisy Belle loves attention, and get's very upset easily if a boy rejects her affections. In the music segment, Bicycle Built For Two, the chipmunks trick Daisy into thinking that they are giving her their full on attention, when really, they are riding her bike, much to Dave's displeasure. The song version is different, where Dave has a solo at the beginning and sings to her, which pleases Daisy.


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