Clyde Crashcup Dell Comic 3 is the third comic issue in the 5 comic Clyde Crashcup 1963-1964 Dell Comics series and was originally sold for 12 cents.



  • Caught Catcher - 1 page
  • Clyde Crashcup Invents the Scare - 7 pages
  • Clyde Crashcup Invents Glue - 6 pages
  • Clyde Crashcup Invents Deep Sea Diving - 7 pages
  • Clyde Crashcup Invents Chivalry - 6 pages
  • Clyde Crashcup Invents Spring - 6 pages
  • Umbrella Fishnet - 1 page



  • Caught Catcher and Umbrella Fishnet both have no dialogue, nor do they have a proper name.
  • This comic contains an advertisement for a footlocker of 100 toy soldiers.

Title Page Illustrations

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