Clyde Crashcup Dell Comic 1 is the first comic issue in the five comic Clyde Crashcup 1963-1964 Dell Comics series and was originally sold for 12 cents.



Clyde Crashcup - Hat's That - 1 page
Clyde tries on a hat given to him by Leonardo, but it's too big so he throws it away to buy another. On the way to the store, a burglar sees him invent money, resulting in a club to the head. Incidentally, the bump on the head allows the original hat to fit perfectly.
Clyde Crashcup - Invents the Cow - 8 pages
Clyde expresses his displeasure of having to walk downstairs for milk so he invents the cow right in his room. His assistant recommends adding a bell and after she bites a hole in the rear of his trousers, he adds one. Ready for a glass of milk, he calls the cow, named Gertrude, and regrets the idea when she begins wrecking the room. He tries controlling her causing Gertrude to sit on Leonardo. Hearing the racket, the landlord learns there's a cow in the room and orders the inventor to get rid of it. Leonardo whispers an idea and they take the cow to the country for a picnic. There Crashcup asks the cow for two glasses of milk, but his short assistant informs him he needs to milk the cow. Now holding two glasses of milk, a bull charges them, throwing them over the fence and they leave Gertrude behind.
Clyde Crashcup - Invents the Desert Island - 6 pages
Clyde Crashcup - Invents the Broom - 6 pages
Crashcup Invents the Art of Cooking - 5 pages
Clyde Crashcup - Invents the Clock - 6.5 pages



  • This comic contains an advertisement for 207 collector stamps for 25 cents.
  • Hat's That was published in black and white.
  • This comic contains an advertisement for 104 Kings Knights for $1.49.

Title Page Illustrations

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